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Shop Ginia's silk pieces that transcend trends, but are always in style. Explore our versatile collections of women's RTW and Sleepwear made with luxurious silks and linen blends for a minimal, elegant, and comfortable look. Free delivery on orders over $100.
Mamacita Bustier $140.00 USD $270.00 USD
Leaf Knit Pant $160.00 USD
Leaf Knit Shirt $160.00 USD
Fern Knit Dress $240.00 USD
Fern Knit Crop $130.00 USD
Fern Knit Skirt $160.00 USD
Delilah Slip $210.00 USD
Mamacita Pant $180.00 USD
Mamacita Bustier $140.00 USD
Kitty Kat Chemise $190.00 USD
Little Miss Dress $290.00 USD
Kitty Kat Midi $290.00 USD
Little Miss Cami $150.00 USD
Little Miss Cami $150.00 USD
Little Miss Short $120.00 USD
Little Miss Short $120.00 USD
Loulou Slip $268.00 USD $270.00 USD
Loulou Chemise $170.00 USD
Samba Pant $280.00 USD
Samba Top $160.00 USD
Zafina Slip $200.00 USD
Zafina Chemise $150.00 USD
Zafina Long Pant $260.00 USD
Zafina Shirt $230.00 USD
Rio Dress $310.00 USD
Iris Pant $210.00 USD
Amour Midi Dress $310.00 USD
Amour Mini Dress $260.00 USD
Silk Cami $124.00 USD $135.00 USD
Silk Short $108.00 USD
Silk Chemise $185.00 USD $190.00 USD
Silk Lace Slip $250.00 USD
Delilah Slip $290.00 USD
Amelia Pant $280.00 USD
Desire Dress $320.00 USD
Hazel Tie top $230.00 USD
Diamond Trim Nite $280.00 USD
Lilian Dress $280.00 USD
Lu Lounge Pant $270.00 USD
Lu Lounge Cardi $280.00 USD
Iris Pant $320.00 USD