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Women's Sleepwear Pyjamas


We all want to have quality sleep. Silk pyjamas are a must when it comes to getting quality sleep so you can wake up feeling healthy and refreshed. At GINIA, we bring you the finest collection of women silk pyjamas. 

Pyjamas made of silk are cosy and restful. Silk is considered a natural fibre with a tremendously soft, comfy, and smooth feel that is both lightweight and relaxing. That’s why it’s an ideal choice for enhancing good night’s sleep.

The comfort of silk 

Silk pyjamas are among the most favourite pieces of clothing on your wardrobe, they represent the very essence of class, elegance, and sexy nightwear. 

Breathable and moisture-wicking, wearing silk nightwear gives you comfort. Silk fabric is absorbent meaning it absorbs sweat leaving you comfortable while you sleep and silk is easy to care for so your pyjamas will be with you for a lifetime. 

Pyjamas made of natural silk fibres without irritating colourant or chemicals are gentle on your skin. A single silk thread proves to be thinner than a hair meaning that it reduces any kind of irritation allowing your skin to remain soft and smooth. 

Buy luxury sleepwear for women 

Silk pyjamas are like no other. A gift for women made of pure silk is an elegant and timeless addition to any modern wardrobe. A wearer is able to dress early for bed, get up early in the morning, walk around their house in their silk pyjamas without forsaking their modesty. Besides, silk nightdresses are classically beautiful meaning they are a choice gift. You can choose from different prints, colours, embroidery, pleats, and of course our silky-smooth fabrics.  

If you are perhaps looking for lasting sleepwear options, our full range of women’s silk sleepwear pyjamas can be found here, along with our sleepwear sale

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