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Ginia Sleepwear

Enjoy an elevated sleep experience 

Treat yourself to a luxurious night’s rest with our irresistible collection of silk sleepwear. Crafted to flatter the female form, our sophisticated silk sleepwear is smooth on the skin and falls softly across the body. Discover versatile and elegant apparel made from 100% silk and available in rich colors like emerald, pearl blue, shadow grey, and mood indigo. Each piece in our luxury silk sleepwear collection has been expertly designed by some of the world’s best artisans to deliver final products that are both timeless and contemporary. 

Make it your own 

Whether you prefer the gorgeous drape of a full-length nite or the breathability of a shorter cut, every garment in our collection of silky nightwear perfectly strikes the balance between relaxed and refined. Start your morning by enveloping yourself in one of our beautiful, silk robes complete with glamorous, short bell sleeves and hand-cut lace trim. For silk sleepwear you won’t want to take off, browse our range of traditional pajama sets with matching full-length pants and long-sleeve shirts in original, captivating prints. Or create your own look by pairing separate pieces like our delicate silk camis with a pair of our breathable, silk drawstring shorts. Providing you with year-round comfort, all of our silk sleepwear apparel is suitable for hot summers and cool winters alike. 

Slip into our silk sleepwear

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For more information on our returns, international shipping, or caring for your beautiful silk pieces, you can find answers on our FAQs page. For any other inquiries,feel free to get in touch with us today. We’d love to hear from you!

Laos Stripe Pant $150.00 USD
Day To Night Mini $200.00 USD
Pippa Short $110.00 USD
Pippa Cami $135.00 USD
Pippa Nite $250.00 USD
Pearl Nite $280.00 USD
Florence Mini $190.00 USD
Florence Short $100.00 USD
Camp Shirt $215.00 USD
Isla Shirt $250.00 USD
Silk Piping Short $150.00 USD
Day To Night Slip $250.00 USD
Silk Short $108.00 USD
Silk Chemise $195.00 USD
V-Neck Chemise $160.00 USD
V-Neck Cami $120.00 USD
Camp Shirt $180.00 USD
Minx Chemise $200.00 USD
Minx Slip $290.00 USD
Mrs Long Robe $240.00 USD
Kitty Kat Chemise $190.00 USD
Kitty Kat Midi $290.00 USD
Little Miss Dress $290.00 USD
Little Miss Cami $150.00 USD
Little Miss Cami $150.00 USD
Little Miss Short $120.00 USD
Little Miss Short $120.00 USD
Loulou Slip $268.00 USD $270.00 USD
Loulou Chemise $170.00 USD
Moonlight Midi $300.00 USD
Zafina Slip $200.00 USD
Zafina Chemise $150.00 USD
Zafina Long Pant $260.00 USD
Zafina Shirt $230.00 USD
Silk Short $108.00 USD
Silk Cami $124.00 USD $135.00 USD
Silk Chemise $185.00 USD $190.00 USD
Silk Lace Slip $250.00 USD
Antoinette Short $100.00 USD