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Women's Silk Robes


GINIA strongly believes in making sleepwear fashionable. Women go to great lengths to curate a casual, formal and work-based wardrobe that emphasises their bodies and individual identity. Yet, somehow, sleepwear gets lost in the dust.

At GINIA, we believe that buying sleepwear shouldn’t be a fleeting thought. Of course, sleepwear should be about comfort, but it can also include elements of style and individuality. 

With this in mind, our sleepwear range is designed to mix comfort and style. Because even though we’re going to bed, we should still feel confident and comfortable. Our 100% silk sleep collection perfectly emphasises this principle.

Women’s Silk Robes

Robes have long been seen as the perfect clothing item to snuggle into on a winter’s day or a sick day. However, GINIA’s range of silk robes are elevated contemporary pieces for the everyday wardrobe. 

GINIA’s women's silk robes are a real statement piece. Beautiful to look at and soft on the skin, our sleepwear robes bring a whole new level of comfort to bedtime. They also represent a new way forward in fashion. 

This new way forward will ensure that women no longer have to sacrifice beauty for comfort, or vice versa. GINIA's silk wrap gowns and short wrap gowns with lace trim exude luxury and style. However, the real secret weapon of our sleeping robe is just how comfortable it is. 

Silk is renowned for being a breathable fabric and a natural temperature regulator. Silk will also help the body retain heat in cold weather, while excess heat is expelled in warm weather. When it comes to sleepwear, this is exactly what every woman needs. 

Our women’s silk robes work overtime to ensure your comfort, whether you're laying in bed or relaxing on the sofa. Showing exactly why GINIA’s silk robes for women represent a new frontier of elevated style and comfort in sleepwear products in Australia. 

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Silk Lace Robe $350.00 USD
Silk Lace Robe $350.00 USD
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