Women's Sleepwear Camis

Created in Australia, the GINIA brand aims to honour, inspire and empower women. We design products that women can wear during the day and at night, because we understand that women always want to look and feel their best. 

One way GINIA aims to infuse a bit of luxury and style into the wardrobe of everyday women is through our silk camisoles. Camis have traditionally been garments reserved as under layers. Something to keep women warm or provide a touch of modesty to revealing designs. 

GINIA’s women’s silks camisoles have been made with something else in mind. In fact, our silk cami tops prove a comfortable and altogether flattering sleepwear choice. Our selection of silk camisoles gently hugs the body, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Choosing the right sleepwear is about finding that delicate balance between comfort and style. That’s where our silk lace cami tops come in. Easy on the eyes and on skin, sleepwear has never looked so stylish, nor has it been so comfortable! 

The new generation of sleepwear

Buying our women’s silk camis is like purchasing an experience. GINIA’s aim is to elevate the look of sleepwear without sacrificing comfort. Our silk camis do just that. Available in a range of colours and sets, our camis let you take your night time wear to the next level. 

Long regarded as just an undergarment, we have decided to show women the power behind the right camisole. Soft on skin, with a range of breathability benefits and designed to look flawless, our camis (some of which are on sale right now!) make the perfect sleepwear. 

Whether you’re looking to add some confidence to your nighttime routine, stun someone special or lounge around in comfort, silk camisoles designed for sleepwear are the right choice.  

One of GINIA’s aims is to inspire and elevate women by providing them access to confidence boosting clothes that are both stylish and on trend. This aim guided the design process of our silk camis, resulting in sleepwear that makes you feel and look incredible.