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Women's Ready To Wear Dresses


Everyone is always looking for that one drop-dead gorgeous item of clothing. You know the one. As soon as you see it you know it will look great on and yet feel even better. We’ve tried to take this feeling and infuse it into the creative process of all our silk dresses.

Rather than just having one great dress, we want women everywhere to have a collection of great dresses that will help them feel confident, beautiful and comfortable, no matter the occasion. From our silk slip dresses to our longer numbers, our dresses help you shine. 

The GINIA Range

When we decided to launch a silk dress range in Australia, we did so based on the idea of elevating contemporary pieces for the everyday wardrobe. So, in our range of silk dresses, everyday women can find high-quality pieces that exude comfort and confidence. 

With GINIA, you can buy a silk dress online with ease. Exploring our vast range of sizes, cuts and colours will see you fall in love with all our pieces. While our dresses are undeniably fashionable, the use of silk fabric is what really takes them to the next level. 

Why Choose Silk 

When it comes to designing with silk, there are a number of advantages. Of course, the fabric makes everything from bridal dresses and pyjamas to everyday dresses look stunning, however, the positives don’t end there. 

You’ll always feel comfortable when wearing our silk dress. Silk is a natural temperature regulator so you’ll be warm in winter and cool in summer. The properties of silk make our dresses timeless pieces that can be worn from sunrise to sunset comfortably. 

Functional and stylish, buying our silk dresses for women is a decision without consequence. If you’re worried about taking care of silk, we can help! We want women everywhere to enjoy our silk dresses so please contact us or view our FAQs page if you have any questions.

Willow Midi Dress $300.00 USD
Silk Slip $238.00 USD