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For many, fashion has been a tool used to help build someone's confidence every time they step into a room. The power of dressing true to oneself is something that is sometimes underestimated. But don't just take our word for it, here is advice from some fashion divas who can enlighten us all with their styling tips. 

"I always gravitate towards my tried-and-true classics when I’m needing an extra confidence boost - my uniform if you will! I find knowing how to dress for your shape and finding those pieces that help amplify that such a pick-me-up - for me it’s tailoring and denim, in a silhouette that works for me no matter what mood I’m in. Having a key edit of staple pieces makes all the difference on those mornings when I’m just not feeling it.” - Emma Read, Stylist

Everyone admires people with self-confidence. When you are comfortable in your skin, you carry yourself in the best possible way. Confidence indeed comes from within, but there is one thing that also boosts your self-image and confidence instantly- Fashion. Think about yourself the last time when you wore your favourite dress to work or a party - weren’t you feeling a little more confident? When you wear your favourite slip dress with your favourite shoes that compliment you, you walk with your head held high. According to studies, your clothes play a major role in how you perform, how you feel, and how you interact with other people.

“I’m a bit of a fashion chameleon, I love experimenting with different looks, but when I want to feel like me I slip on some great tailoring. A well-cut blazer, sharp pants or a luxurious shirt instantly makes me feel polished and put together. Amazing tailored pieces are timeless and versatile – I can wear them to the office, for client meetings, at after-work events and to dinner with my husband.” - Montarna Pitt, Publicist and Influencer

Not only does fashion have the ability to make you stand out but it also can connect you with others that are likeminded. Fashion and subcultures are deeply intertwined and have helped bring people together. Things like cosplay, fashion trends or cultural garments allow people to feel like they are part of a larger community. For example, Harajuku style is something that is now worldwide and what started as just a fashion trend in a small city has now expanded into a full cultural phenomenon. It brings joy and confidence to those that wear it; that is the power of fashion.

There's an outfit for every occasion and every occasion is a new opportunity to feel confident in what you're wearing. According to the Association for Psychological Science, the way you perceive yourself can influence decision-making. The clothes you wear can help you with problem-solving skills or coming up with new ideas. So, wear clothes not only to influence how others perceive you, but to also engage yourself in abstract thinking. When you change your clothing from casual to gym apparel, you are more likely to work out. When you put on a blazer and walk into an office, you expect that you are going to be taken more seriously.

This season I have found myself dressing very tonally as well as focusing on practising the art of restraint. I find myself gravitating toward well-made basics, whether that is a Poppy silk shirt with my favourite jeans and a leather slide or a Chloe silk cami styled back with a slip skirt and blazer. Working in my fashion office I do find myself test-driving outfits for the team and they may potentially get a second spin on the weekend. But this season’s go-to fashion piece is the Camp shirt, once the warm weather hits I am planning to style it back with denim or bike shorts for an easy weekend look. - Emily Hewitt, Ginia Brand Manager

According to a study, wearing more formal clothing makes you think more creatively and abstractly. There’s a reason why world leaders, politicians, and entrepreneurs wear formal clothes almost all the time. Wearing a suit shows your professionalism and signals that you mean business. And it makes you more confident about yourself. Also, formal attire helps you focus. So, if you’re figuring out the physics of falling objects, wearing a suit is your best bet.

‘’A dress in a beautiful colour or playful print is always an easy go-to for a confidence boost for an event or dinner with friends. I love the ease and simplicity of wearing one item, and then pairing it back with simple and classic accessories, like a pair of pearl studs and layered gold necklaces. This season I can’t wait to get my hands on the Serpentine Stella Dress! 

In contrast, when I’m really busy, especially in the lead up to a deadline, you will find me dressed in head to toe textured black, like the silk satin black Freya slip with tougher accessories like a vintage leather jacket, of which I have an ever-growing collection! This outfit recipe always makes me feel sleek and sophisticated, mixed with a bit of toughness" - Zoe Ellis, Ginia Designer

Fashion is something that is deeply personal and should always reflect you. Fill your wardrobe with pieces that make you feel beautiful and strong. Be proud of your style and the confidence will come with it.

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